No one really reads the first sentence, so I will start with the second one. I have a passion for games both as player and designer. On this page, I want to share my gamedev projects. Many of my games were created during game jams or for practising some new technique. For gamedev events in and around Düsseldorf, Germany I offer my couch over at I love discussing new concepts in game mechanics, so if you are involved in creating or designing games or just want to chat, do not hesitate to get in touch.

About me

I am a 30 year old scientist and video game enthusiast. Currently, I work on theoretical biology and applied statistics for a living. Whatever spare time I can get hold of, I spend on games and singing shanties. Since it is hard to write an about-me I figured that I am best described by D&D attributes

Str 13; Dex 9; Con 12; Int 20; Wis 13; Cha 15
Neutral good

Also here are some fake assessments of third parties:

Mom: Best (only) son 5/7
KKK: If his humor was a person, we would set it on fire.
Art teacher: What is this supposed to be? No, not your drawing ... your life.
Arbitrary friend: You're soo awesome. I don't know what to say (except behind your back that is).
room mate: Do you happen to know, who consumed the 2kg of coffee I bought just yesterday?!?