Ludum Dare 35: Will it Shapeshift?!

In April 2016 I attended Ludum Dare 35 with the topic "Shapeshift". After I did not find a satisfying idea for several hours, I decided to do a morbid take on the theme. Thus, my game evaluates the question: Will it Shapeshift?, on a farm with chicken and cows. The money you earn by producing animal smoothies can be spend on upgrading your farm, including conveyor belts to automate production. (This game might not be suitable for children!)

Will it Shapeshift - screenshot

ZaPF 2014: Story of a Duck

This is a small casual game, that has been created for the ZaPF-conference in 2014, hence the name. The goal is to save small ducks that got lost on the pond. This version is the original 2014 version. A remastered version of the game is currently under active development.

ZaPF 2014 - screenshot


A follow-up on the ZaPF 2014 game. Dorothy Duck woke up this morning only to find her children missing. Usually they sleep under her left wing. They must have gotten lost on the pond. Help Dorothy and find her kids. Find and rescue them!

pondlife screenshot: One duck and several ducklings on a pond that also has obstacles, namely wood logs and rocks.